Morocco Earth Quake

The Central President (CP) of Muslim Community Association, Musleh Faradhi and the General Secretary (GS), Hamid Hossian Azad in a statement expressed their deepest condolences to the people of Morocco who are devastated by a heavy earthquake.

They said,
“Our prayers and compassions go out to those who have been affected by this catastrophic earthquake. Our deepest condolences to all those who have lost their loved ones. In this time of shock, grief and need we ask all communities to come forward with helping hands to provide much needed support to the people who are suffering. May Allah (SWT) make it easy to overcome the pain and suffering of the victims of this devastating disaster.”

The 6.8-magnitude earthquake, the strongest in a century in the region,
claimed so far more than 2,100 lives and left countless others critically injured, homeless and displaced. The rescue work has continued and the news of more death are expected.

MCA CP and GS urged for urgent support from all sections of the communities worldwide, including INGOs and UN relief agencies, to help the victims of this tragedy in Morocco who are in need of urgent help.