MCA welcomes ICJ’s ruling on South Africa’s genocide case against Israel

The Muslim Community Association (MCA) welcomes the provisional measures announced today by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and expects Israel to take necessary steps to stop suffocating and killing of innocent Palestinians.

MCA president Barrister Hamid Hussain Azad said, “the ICJ ruling is a victory for human conscience and human rights, we hope Israel will now stop killing innocent women, children and elderly people, stop committing genocide and immediately implements ICJ’s prescribed measures. Israel’s collective punishment is a breach of international law that caused a humanitarian catastrophe”.

Barrister Azad further elaborated, “the world has been watching the landmark case brought by the brave government of South Africa against Israel. Whilst we expected the ICJ to demand an immediate ceasefire, we respect the court’s decision. We will continue calling for an immediate and permanent ceasefire — to stop the killing-spree and destruction of Gaza by the Israeli occupation forces.”