MCA Annual General Meeting 2023

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Muslim Community Association (MCA) was held in London on Sunday, October 8, 2023.


Following reviewing the biennial activities and finance of the organisation the AGM approved the report of the session 2021-2023.

The AGM has elected the Shoora Council and the Central President of the Muslim Community Association for the session

Barrister Hamid Hussain Azad has been elected as the Central President of MCA by direct vote of the members for the session 2023-2025.

The Members have also elected 20 new
Shoora Council members for the session. They are as follows: (names are in alphabetical order)
1. Abdud Dayyan Younus
2. Abdul Mumin
3. Abul Hussain Khan
4. Anjuman Ara Begum Beauty
5. Asma Khan
6. Dilowar Hossain Khan
7. Dr. Dildar Chowdhury
8. Dr. Mahera Ruby
9. Fazlul Karim Shahazan
10. Hamid Hossain Azad
11. Hassan Kausar Ahmed
12. Hasan Siraj Salekin
13. Monowar Hossen
14. Musaddiq Ahmed
15. Mushtaq Ahmed
16. Nessar Ahmed
17. Nurul Matin Chowdhury
18. Rowshanara Kabir
19. Sirajul Islam Hira
20. Syed Tofael Hussain

Earlier, the conference delegates elected Regional presidents for 16 Regions who also joined the central Shoora Council by virtue of their position. The elected Regional Presidents are as follows.

1. Amir Ali
2. Anwar Ali Jeetu
3. Asad Ahmed
4. Azad Mia
5. Ershad Ullah
6. Hasanul Banna
7. Imdad Ullah Mahbub
8. Kamal Uddin
9. Muhammad Mustaquim
10. Raju Mohammad Shibly
11. Razaul Karim Chowdhury
12. Syed Badrul Alam
13. Salah Uddin
14. Sharifur Rahman
15. Syed Jamirul Islam Babu
16. Zahid Islam

Outgoing central president Sheikh Musleh Faradi said in his closing speech; Despite many hurdles, the goals, objectives and activities of the organisation have been largely implemented only because of regular training, use of modern technology, effective communication and huge financial and time sacrifices of the workforce and leaders at all levels. He urged the MCA to become a beacon of hope for society with pure intention, strong brotherhood, meeting the community’s needs for pleasing Allah and attaining Paradise by applying a modern management system.

In his speech, newly elected Central President Barrister Hamid Hossain Azad called upon the members of MCA to look after themselves through personal development, the family and the needs of the society. He urged everyone to build the best character based on the teaching of the prophet’s (pbuh) life. He also asked all members to work hard to make MCA a motivating and inspiring platform for our future generation. He also urged to make special dua for oppressed people worldwide, especially for Masjidul Aqsa and peace in Palestine.